Large Foam Crashed UFO Prop

A custom sculpted large foam Crashed UFO prop created for an X-Files themed event/party

The large scale crashed UFO prop was designed and created to add a bit of flair and theming to an X-files themed event. Built as a foam trade show booth prop might be, this hardcoated foam alien spacecraft is not quite as “heavy metal” as it looks!

We were contacted by a client looking for one “out of this world” prop for their upcoming themed event at a movie and TV studio. We discussed with them in depth with them all of their needs. Their timeline, budget, size, what they pictured in their minds, etc. Once we had all of this information, we began sketching up some concepts until we can up with something that fit their needs.

Lead foam artist Rich began by creating the giant “thrusters” for this alien spaceship. Fabricating with various types of found items can be a lot of fun, and this utilized various bits of pipe, tubing and connectors to create a realistic looking pair of UFO engines. When all of these elements were assembled, he gave them a silver coat of paint and them added washes and distressing so that it looked like the piece really had flown through space and crash landed.

With the thrusters complete, we moved on to creating the body of the spaceship. Each of the pieces were carved and then hand assembled to create the body of the ship. Rich hand sculpted the crash damage to the front of the ship. With all of the sculpting done, we sprayed a hard plastic-like coating to the entire foam sculpture to add durability to this prop. It was then given a matching paint scheme to the thrusters with lots of weathering and aging, indicating a journey of many miles!  Luckily, if you need a prop like this UFO for your event, you don’t have to travel far at all!  Simply drop us a line and let us make something for you right here on Earth!

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