Carved Foam Trade Show Prop Rocks

A set of custom hand carved foam trade show prop rocks

Much lighter than their natural rock counterparts, these foam props helped add theming and character to our client’s trade show booth. Although these trade show prop rocks look very freeform in their construction and sculpting, there is often a great deal of thought an planning that goes in before lead foam artist Rich even picks up a carving tool.

We start every project with discussions with our clients, making sure to absorb all of their needs for the project. How it will be used, what they will need the prop to do, what type of look they are going for, how it will breakdown if it is necessary for shipping, how people may interact with it, what their budget goals are and more. Once we have all of their requirements we begin designing a prop which will fit their needs.

With the design nailed down Rich can begin carving. These rock props needed to fit around signage and displays made by another vendor, so his first task was to create channels where these signs could slot into perfectly. He also carved the rocks into sections so that they could be broken down to make shipping and moving them easier. Then he created their realistic rock shapes and natural formations in the foam. When sculpting and carving was complete, we added a hard coating to give the pieces additional texture and durability. Each foam rock was then painted by hand in several layers to create a realistic rock like paint scheme. We love creating organic elements like rocks from foam!

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