Pirates of the Caribbean Necklace Prop Display

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s HAND for Me! Our themed display for an original Pirates of the Caribbean Necklace Prop!

Arrr matey! This Pirates of the Caribbean necklace prop was used in the first Disney film based on their classic theme park ride! The cursed gold turned the pirate crew into creepy animated skeletons (and we loved every minute of it!). Creating a display for this necklace was something right up our alley!

Patrick Louie crafted this display, starting with a concept suggested by the client – a skeletal hand with the coin prop dangling via the necklace between rotting fingers. We pitched a few ideas for bases, working to keep the size within constraints set by the client. For a small prop like this, not going too large works in the piece’s favor, giving it context without distracting from it. The final display is compact enough that the coin still pops and is showcased, not overshadowed.

For the base theme, we went with an aged looking plank, hand distressed to look sea and sun bleached. Pat also carefully etched the Jolly Roger flag emblem into the surface of the wood, giving another bit of context and an extra nod to the film. The skeleton pirate hand is made from a plastic medical bone replica, modified for pose and heavily aged. Bits were added to mimic the look of dried flesh and stained, distressed fabrics were crafted into a cuff.

We love displaying props like this necklace from one of our favorite movies and even more so, love mimicking age and wear to create something that looks like it’s been around since the pirate times of ages gone by!

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A few words from our client…

HOLY HELL! That’s exactly how I’d pictured it in my head! When you showed me the display pics, my reaction was almost intimidated. It looked like real skeleton hand and I was filled with excitement! I loved the base too, that simple Jolly Roger flag really stands out nicely, and it’s small enough for me to display it anywhere in my room! You guys really outdid yourself, and I couldn’t be more happier and proud with the work you have done!  Excellent job!!

Alex L.