Captain Boomerang Movie Prop Display From The Suicide Squad

A custom themed display for Captain Boomerang’s Boomerang Prop from The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad boasted a huge cast of characters and stars, most of which (spoiler alert) last less than 15 minutes. Unfortunately for him, Captain Boomerang is one of the early casualties. The last image of him is his dismembered arm sticking out of the sand, his hand still clutching his lighted movie prop boomerang weapon.

Our client thought that image would make a really fun and dynamic display and we were so excited they did! Lead artist Patrick Louie, who was probably a little too excited that the client said “as much gore as the film”, first created the arm that would double as the stand for the boomerang. There needed to be a balance between the look of the arm and the support it provided to the prop, to ensure it is safe when in the display. Once the basic form was finished, he went back and sculpted all of the gruesome injuries. We crafted a jacket sleeve and gloves to closely match to his screen worn costume. Pat then proceeded to destroy and distress them by adding in rips, dirt and burn marks. Then it came time for everyone’s favorite step, fake blood!

For the base he sculpted EPS foam into a free form rectangle and kept the natural beach feel. A small stand was also added to the sculpture to hold the custom printed color metal plaque featuring the film’s logo. He finished the base by covering it in sand and added various burned wood splinters and machine parts to look like the debris from the crashed helicopter. The final display is a gruesome tribute to The Suicide Squad!

The client actually had TWO such movie prop boomerangs from the film! For the second, a clean and simple display stand was devised and a unique metal plaque was made with a color still from the film to give the piece a little context. The contrast between these two displays is interesting and this project provides a great example of both our “museum style” and “themed” options when creating film prop displays.

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