Dark City Miniature Car Prop Diorama

A themed, scaled diorama display for a Dark City miniature car prop.

Our client was looking for a themed diorama to use a display for this screen used movie prop Dark City miniature car. Dark City tells the story of John Murdoch played by Refus Sewell who wakes up in hotel with no memories of his past and is accused of several brutal murders. Now he is on the run from the police, a woman claiming to be his wife and a mysterious doctor.

We chose to turn this display into a scaled movie prop style model of one of the city streets that this miniature car would have been seen on in the film. We started by creating the basic shapes of the backer and base out of carved EPS foam. Those pieces were coated to give them more stability and texture and added a cobble stone pattern to the “street” section. We then added the areas with the brick pattern  to give the display even more texture and variation. We chose to add the Shell Beach “billboard” as a nod to the film. But to make sure it looked like it belonged, we added a digital aging and a hint of a brick pattern so it looked like the aging poster was laying directly on the bricks.

We also added a pair of street lamps the were appropriately scaled. The lamps also lit up for an even more realistic detail. All of the pieces were finished with a dark grungy paint job to match the model car prop as well as the tone of the film. We finished up the base with a full color metal plaque and turned this into a very cool display!

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Rufus Sewell stars in this dark fantasy film about a man who's accused of murder, but has no memory of them, or anything else!

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