Displays for Star Trek Enterprise Decals

A set of custom displays for a pair of Star Trek Enterprise decals from the production of the iconic 1960’s original series.

A pair of production made Star Trek Enterprise decals created for use on the original 1960’s series, came to us in need of a deserving and unique display. One set were decals for the USS Enterprise and the others were for the Galileo shuttle craft. The frames for these pieces needed to be not only beautiful but also needed to help protect the more than 50 year old decals.

Since were creating several Star Trek prop displays for this client (one such example is a custom mannequin for Captain Kirk’s Space Suit from the episode, The Tholian Web)  we wanted them to all match in style so that there was a sense of cohesiveness.  We decided to go with very simple and clean lines for these displays. We drew inspiration from the computer monitors seen throughout the series.  The angled shrouds on each frame match the style of the props seen on the show.  The displays were also professionally finished in the iconic gray color which can be seen through out the Enterprise sets and dressings.  We didn’t want over the top theming, but hints and echoes in color and shape from the series we all love. A custom created laser etched plaque completes each of the frames.

To help protect the decals we chose to use archival materials for the custom frames and mats. We used acid free mat board and UV resistant acrylic. These would help to prevent fading and ensure that these one of a kind pieces of television (and Star Trek!) history would be protected for years to come!

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