Freddy Krueger Hat Themed Custom Stand

Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep! A boiler themed display as a hat stand for a screen used Freddy Krueger hat prop!

We were contacted by one of our clients looking to create a custom display and themed base for an iconic, movie-used Robert Englund Freddy Krueger hat from A Nightmare on Elm Street IV, the Dream Master. They were looking for something that would do justice to this incredible prop from the creepy horror film and it’s equally terrifying villain.

In the film Freddy Krueger works in a boiler room and it is here he meets his gruesome ending. So what better inspiration for his iconic hat’s display? The box looks like rusted metal but it’a actually made of wood which was given a texture treatment to look like metal. We also added pieces, knobs the front grill and various vintage dials and gauges to give it more of an old industrial boiler look. Everything was given several layers of paint to give it a dirty, rusty metal style, to enhance the display of this Nightmare on Elm Street IV prop hat. We also added a flickering light so the boiler looked like it was full of burning embers. The flickering LEDs cast an eerie light that’s the perfect final touch for this wonderfully creepy display of a true horror movie icon!  We love slasher movies and were honored to display this cool piece of 80’s movie history!

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The 1984 horror film that started the entire Freddy Kruger franchise!

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