Monster Squad Dracula Bat Puppet Prop

A custom faux stone display base for a screen used Monster Squad Dracula bat puppet prop!

We created a themed pedestal base for this movie prop Monster Squad Dracula bat puppet underskull. Monster Squad tells the story of a group of young monster fanatics (like us here at TSD!) who need to work together to stop Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, The Mummy and Gillman from taking over their town.

When the fiberglass puppet underskull arrived at our NY studio, the head was in good condition, retaining a long tail of his mechanical cables that were used to puppeteer him in the film. To create a clean display, but retain these original elements, we created a channel in the post that supports the bat puppet’s head.  We ran the cables through the channel and that allowed us to create a clean looking display while keeping the wires intact as a bit of the history of the movie prop.

For the base we decided to take inspiration from the gothic horror elements of classic monsters and created a stone looking pedestal with a gothic flair. We created the base out of carved EPS styrofoam, creating a “perfectly imperfect” shape. It can be just as time consuming to create a display that looks imperfect in a natural way. The same thing goes withe the many layers of paint, it is about creating a natural aged look so that our faux stone looks realistic.  A custom full color Monster Squad poster image adorns a metal plaque at the base, showcasing this bit of 80’s horror/comedy history in a wonderfully gothic style!

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