Movie Prop Hat Display – Oliver Hardy Bowler

A custom movie prop hat display for one of Oliver Hardy’s bowler hats.

Not all of our movie prop displays are over the top and themed. Sometimes the best choice for a display is a more sleek and elegant display. For this movie prop hat display our client wanted to keep all of the focus on the prop. Since Laurel and Hardy are such an iconic pair on their own, they didn’t feel the need to add any more bells and whistles. But of course as always, we wanted the display to be worthy of the piece inside.

Our client already had an autographed Oliver “Ollie” Hardy photo beautifully displayed in a dark wood frame and we wanted the two pieces to look like they belonged together as a set. For the base we sourced moulding which matched the wood details of the frame. We then created a custom stain color to most closely match the frame. The rest of the base was covered with a black laminate to coordinate with the matting around the photo.

To support the hat we used a conservation hat form to ensure that the hat would stay in the pristine condition it was in for years to come. For the case we decided to go with a custom OP-3 UV filtering acrylic display case to help protect the hat from fading and also any dust or dirt. In keeping with the elegant theme of the display we went with a custom engrave metal plaque.

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