Return of the Jedi Movie Prop Sail Barge Display

A truly unique style of framing for a rare Star Wars, Return of the Jedi movie prop.

With the classic, Star Wars original trilogy being a favorite series of films around our studio we are always excited to get a chance to work on anything having to do with these movies. This screen used Return of the Jedi movie prop was no exception. One of our clients brought us this large swatch of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge’s fabric and was looking for a clever way to display and preserve this piece of movie memorabilia. We decided the best way to display it was within its own custom created frame. But of course we couldn’t help putting a bit of a TSD spin on your typical frame!

Our first and main concern was the preservation of the delicate fabric piece.We used acid free matting and a sheet of UV protected acrylic. This ensured that any thing that came in contact with the original prop was museum quality.  When we created the frame we decided to take our inspiration from Jabba’s barge itself. Using the vents and carved details, we created a design for the frame and then laser cut the pieces to ensure a uniform look. We used several layers of paint to created a worn metal look similar to the full scale Jabba’s sail barge built in Yuma, Arizona during the filming of the movie.  The result is a clean, classy display that has just a touch of theming to it… something to give the prop some context and connection to the movie scene it was used in!  Jabba would be most pleased!

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