Star Wars Prop Blaster Display Base

A custom display for a Star Wars prop blaster used by one of the Naboo security officers in Episode I the Phantom Menace.

This Star Wars prop blaster was brought to us by one of our clients looking to create a themed display for this fun piece of Star Wars memorabilia. Since the blaster was one used by the Naboo secruity officers we thought that there was no better inspiration then the Theed Royal Palace which they protect.

The frame work for the base was created out of wood, with an added lip on top to help the case from shifting around on the display.We also added a custom cradle for the blaster, which not only helped to display this unique prop, but also helped to properly support the blaster.  Drawing inspiration from Queen Amidala’s royal palace, we added detailing and texture so that the wooden base actually looked like carved stone.  In the movie, many of the buildings in Naboo capital city looked to be constructed of stone with a roof of copper or bronze with patina.  We reflected that in the top step of the base and the blaster’s cradle.  With several different layers of hand applied paint, we created a realistic finish.

A custom designed metal plaque features full color printing, and we completed this Star Wars prop display with a custom acrylic display cover to help keep the blaster in pristine condition and protect it from dust.  If you’d like a clear display cover for pieces in your movie prop (or other!) collection, please visit this page to get a quote for a custom acrylic display case! Or, if you want something with a bit of theme like this cool prop display…

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