Rocketeer Jetpack Replica Display

A custom display for a Rocketeer jetpack replica

The classic style of 1991’s The Rocketeer grabbed the imagination of many fans, including our client. He had a beautiful Rocketeer jetpack replica in need of a custom display.  He had seen our made-to-order custom acrylic cases and wanted to see if we could create something with an acrylic cover and just a bit of style. Tom suggested a few options, and after chatting with the client, the Hughes World’s Fair flyer seemed a wonderful, colorful way to display the pack as a piece of wall art.

Choosing the direction on displays is always a bit of a cooperative effort between our artists and the client.  It’s often about finding a theme or image that would not distract from the prop, but would feel very appropriate and give it some context.  We also have to consider how what we create will fit within our client’s home and space… the area that the client had dedicated to the prop. Many of the options that we will typically discuss with a client will be aesthetic ones, but sometimes people forget that there are plenty of practical ones that need to go into the creation of a prop display. You need to think about budget, the space where it will be displayed and how much of that area you are willing to devote to a prop. There is nothing worse than having a incredible display made which doesn’t end up fitting in the space.

With the picture chosen and printed in large scale, we created the durable, heavy wood and black laminate backer and frame to which we would attach the jetpack. We attached the large photo backdrop and created the hook which would support the heavy weight of the jetpack. We finished the display with a large acrylic case which had a lip on one side which gripped the backer allowing it to easily be lifted off without any screws, just in case our client needs to grab the pack and fly after some nazis some day!

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