Star Trek Grand Nagus Cane Prop Display

 A painted original Grand Nagus cane from the production of the television series Star Trek, Deep Space 9.

One of our clients had an unfinished TV prop Grand Nagus cane that was a production spare from an episode of Star Trek, Deep Space 9. They were looking to have the television prop painted to match the finished cane that was featured in the episodes and asked us to also create a display stand for the rare collectible.

We wanted to incorporate the Ferengi Alliance emblem into the base to reference the alien species.  The faux stone base is hand carved EPS styrofoam. The top was carved into the Ferengi emblem as a nod to the race of aliens that the cane belongs to. The base was hard coated for durability and to give a more realistic rocky texture. We finished it up with a dark stone paint job to give the piece a more ancient and important look. The base also features a hidden metal plate inside, to which we welded a narrow rod that extends up. The Grand Nagus cane prop’s unique snake-like shape allowed it to wrap around the rod and hold itself upright.  We’re all huge fans of the various Star Trek series and had a lot of fun creating this little display for a prop from Deep Space 9!

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