Custom Foam Sign – Outdoor Giant Shoe Prop

Custom foam sign prop shaped like a giant prop shoe!

The John Fluevog shoe retailer asked us to create a one of a kind, 8 foot long custom foam sign made to look like a wooden shoe form, as a prop for the outside of one of their store locations.  We love creating oversized foam props and love bringing that artistry to eye catching signage.

We began with a 3D computer design by our friend, the talented Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas.  This allowed us to adjust the design easily.  And the finished 3D art gave the client to get a better sense of what the final prop sign would look like. For the next steps, unlike shops that use 3D printing or foam milling, we actually made the final foam sign prop completely by hand.

When the design was finalized we moved on to the foam sculpting process. Sculptor Richard Riley carved the entire prop shoe by hand out of EPS foam. Once the shape of the signage was carved, the foam prop was then durably hard coated in a polyurea spray to stand up to harsh outdoor elements.  To add realism, we theme painted the prop to look like bleached, weathered wood.  The wood look complemented with markings of the company’s logo and slogan.

We can create all sorts of foam props and characters, so when you find yourself looking for ways to grab attention at your next trade show, or if you need something sculptural and cool for your retail window display… or even your home… you know who to call!

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