Dungeonmaster Prop Stop Motion Puppet Restoration

An original Dungeonmaster prop created by David Allen’s studio for the 1984 sci-fi fantasy film.

This stop motion puppet of a “stone” statue is actually only about 2′ tall on his throne.  It was created by the famed David Allen’s studio for the film’s battle between Paul Branford and the Stone Canyon Giant. Allen’s work on this Dungeonmaster prop,  is as usual, is impeccable and the sculpture is really a work of art.

Mike Thomas, the lead restoration artist for this project carefully treated any of the missing and damaged foam. The damaged areas were patched and rebuilt to match the sculpting style of the original prop.  We then spot painted the repairs to match the surrounding faux stone skin.

As always, we took care to preserve as much of the figure’s original material as possible in our work, and only painted the small areas we worked on, leaving as much of the prop’s original skin and screen used paint intact.  The fully conserved stop motion puppet is now in a much more displayable condition, but our work ensured it still maintains a sense of age and looks like the screen used prop it is!

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