Life sized bronze bust sculptures and the artist
Life sized bronze bust sculpture from photos
Hyena lifesize werewolf prop bust latex display mask

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A classical style likeness bust with plenty of character created as an extremely unique gift for a corporate company party.

Classical style sculpture created for a CEO who requested busts of himself as a devil for his annual holiday gag-gift for his employees.

Likeness bust of a young Christopher Lee. Sculpted and finished in latex to be part of a client's lifesized wax museum-style statue.

Our portrait bust of Lon Chaney Jr. as the Mummy, created for a lifesized statue display at the Monsterpalooza museum

A look at the Mummy of Monsterpalooza featuring the custom head sculpture created by Tom Spina

"the Hyena", a character from the comic "The Were" brought to life in 3-D form as a trade show piece.

Sculptor Tom Spina poses with the finished Hyena lifesized werewolf style latex, resin and acrylic hair bust

GALLERY - A great example of our hyper realistic sculpting, hair and silicone work for likeness busts and wax style figures

Custom Sculpture - Busts - Statues - Creatures - Characters


"Pale Moon" a shock-white version of our lifesized werewolf statue - click the image for a full photo GALLERY!

the head sculpture (shown in-progress on the left) for a life-sized werewolf (now available in via the shop link as a limited edition werewolf statue)

GALLERY - lifesized werewolf sculpture by Tom Spina & Richard Riley.  Fiberglass body, glass eyes, resin teeth & claws with movie fx fur!

custom oversized clay hand sculptures, which were molded as part of a lifesized werewolf statue

GALERY - lifelike sculptures and display mannequins created as lifesized wax museum style figures made to display screen used movie costumes from 13 Ghosts

The 22” tall sculpt and our original design sketches for a puppet Tree face created for the television show, “Kid Fitness”

Our Tree Puppet installed and in action on set with cameras rolling! The puppet featured moving mouth and eyes

portrait sculpture unusual corporate gift
unusual corporate gift sculpture bust

We accept private commissions to create highly unique sculptures, statues, life-sized characters and art for home theaters, businesses, trade shows, museums and more.

Based on your needs and interests, TSD can design and create busts, characters, props, signs and creatures, however large, for marketing, for your restaurant or bar, business, collection, museum, mall, store, office, themed or haunted attraction or home.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your project!

Our sculptors have decades of

experience creating:

Custom sculpture from photos

such as:

Realistic Likeness Busts

(lifesized busts, wax museum style in silicone, resin or fiberglass)

Classical Portrait Busts

(bronze or plaster style)

Masks and Creatures



Lifesized Characters

(logos and licensed characters for your office or event)

Themed Furniture,

Environments and Decor

Theme Props

and Large Foam Sculptures

Holiday Decor

even theming entire ROOMS!

Want a bronze portrait sculpture or statue from a photo of a loved one?

A custom sculpted likeness or statue of a historical figure for a museum, business, collection or home theater? 

A unique corporate gift?

A three dimensional interpretation of your licensed character or logo?

A one of a kind store display to make your retail location stand out?

Or a unique holiday decoration for your home or office?

Our Custom Sculpture work

is great for:

Trade Shows and Events

Film or Television

Commercials and Advertising

Marketing Campaigns


Home Theater /

Home Cinema Decor

Offices, Retail Stores, Malls

Restaurants and Bars

One of a kind art for your home

Corporate gifts

Theme Parks

and Themed or Haunted Attractions

Halloween and Holiday Decor

Truly unique gifts for family and friends

Our Long Island, New York studio is local to Queens and New York City, and our sculptors work in many mediums including clay, latex, silicone, bronze, fiberglass, EPS foam and plaster.

We can bring your designs or licensed characters to life, or create custom creatures, humans or characters designed just for you!

We can work from sketches or create sculpture from your photos, or you can commission us to create concept art and turn your idea into a three dimensional work of art!

  Our sculptors offer all types of finish work, from realistic human-like appearance with wigs, hand laid or hand punched hair and life-like glass eyes to a bronze, plaster or other classical style bust or even something more abstract.

Bronze Bust sculptors Resin bust with faux bronze finish

A lightweight resin skull sculpture by Robb DeNicola, is a great sample our realistic faux bronze finishing

hyper realistic wax museum style figure sculpture
Christopher Lee lifesize bust latex
character design, latex puppet tree face
character design, latex puppet tree face
realistic werewolf hyena lifesize bust
custom lifesize werewolf statue sculpture
Chaney style mummy statue from Monsterpalooza
lifesize Kharis style mummy bust from monsterpalooza
lifesize werewolf statue
lifesize bust, clay latex mask sculpture

GALLERY - Ten aliens sculpted and fabricated for Volkswagen's STAR WARS Cantina themed Superbowl commercial

“Fronkonsteen” a custom sculpture in black and white latex - lifelike Peter Boyle monster tribute bust, an early personal project sculpted by Tom

custom lifesize Peter Boyle Bust Fronkonsteen Young Frankenstein
bronze bust sculptors statue lifesize

A bronze style tribute bust to honor a client's brother. Resin with bronze finish

Zombie Motionette Animated Monster Figure Sculpture Prototyping

Zombie heads, hands, feet and "brains" (complete with a bite out of them!) created as prototypes for Dark Mass' line of animated monster figures.

Star Wars Lifesized Bust Cantina Band Member Sideshow Collectibles

GALLERY - creating prototypes for one of Sideshow Collectibles' officially licensed lifesized Star Wars Figrin D'an bust

Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Total Recall Arnold Shwarzenegger lifesized bust

GALLERY - Our creation for the official Star Wars "As You Wish" charity project, dubbed "Boba Recall"

bronze art lifesize bust statue/sculpture

Bronze style lifesize busts by sculptor Tom Spina. Created in clay, molded, cast in resin & treated with realistic bronze finish, these tribute busts were unique gifts given by the co-workers of our subjects.  Custom, hand crafted gifts created using photos of the subjects.






Custom alien masks for tv/film production
latex and foam leg prop

A medical model, created to represent a leg affected by Lymphedema.  This will aid in the fitting of custom garments to assist those with the condition

bronze busts sculptor, created from photos

Life sized bronze bust (resin and hand painted finish) from photos. A memorial tribute  to a deceased member of an organization

resin lifelike wax museum style statue

Monsterpalooza museum display sculpture - realistic resin bust on a life sized movie style statue made to enhance the display licensed robes and wand.

Greedo the rodian, Nien Nunb the Sullustan, Advozse Bom Vimdin

GALERY - our Star Wars character masks and costumes created for a music video with Billy Dee Williams and Patton Oswalt

custom bronze lifesized sculpture from photos

"Chef Bob" life sized bronze style bust created from photos as a retirement tribute. Resin with hand painted finish

lifesized Michael Jackson wax figure

GALLERY - A wax museum style Michael Jackson figure and bust, showing our realistic resin work.

maker of bronze art bust sculpture from photos

Dr. Maxwell, a classical bronze style memorial bust for a University. View our video about this sculpture.

Latex snow creature puppet - 15” tall bust with glass eyes & realistic ice weathering. A personal project by Tom from the 90's

latex yeti snow monster puppet character
Ghostbusters Slimer 3D cgi digital sculpture

GALLERY - our CGI digital sculpture of "Slimer" from Ghostbusters for a 2014 Radioshack Super Bowl commercial.

lifesized alien statue of Brian from Exede Internet

GALLERY - Brian the alien - lifesized silicone sculpture for Exede Internet based on their commercial character


Lucasfilm aliens & costumes for "May the 4th" videos by Corey Vidal, Bored Shorts TV and College Humor!

custom mannequin for Boba Fett's costume lifesized figure

GALLERY - lifesized Star Wars Boba Fett prototype creation for a limited edition, Lucasfilm licensed statue by Sideshow Collectibles

marketing sculpture lifesized figure

Somewhere between realism and character sculpting is this figure made for a NYC marketing company as a store display for one of their clients. Christian Hanson was lead sculptor on this project.

resin hand statue mother and child

GALLERY - Mommy and Baby hand sculpture in a life sized, classical bronze style. A wonderful gift!

realistic life sized lion statues

A different kind of realism - three lions made as puppets/costumes for a live stage show. Click the image for a full gallery of pics.

plaster style lifesized bust sculptor

A classical aged plaster style bust, a wife's birthday gift for wrestling star, Matt Hardy by sculptor Steve Richter. Here's Matt's video about our bust

Comedian Jeff Ross sculpted for DIY Network

GALLERY - a bronze style sculpture of comedian Jeff Ross for our guest spot on DIY Network's show Man Caves.

Hello music video blind student sculpture

An intentionally goofy likeness, created for a fine artist who wanted a life-sized candle of the blind-student-sculpted bust from the classic Lionel Richie music video, "Hello"

lifesized prop silicone statue were-pup

An American Werewolf in London life-sized PUPPY prop! Click for a gallery about this fun wax figure style project!

Mulk custom gift statue

Something fun! A "Mulk" (Minion+Hulk) as a gift based on the receiver's own tattoo! Faux bronze sculpture.

Star Wars alien costumes and creature masks for Lucasfilm
Anicase Skywalker for Star Wars Charity Auction

GALLERY - Our entry for the official Star Wars "Vader Case Project" charity auction for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

star wars masks, costumes and cosplay

GALLERY - new aliens and costumes created for our work on the Celebration Live Feed broadcasts for

lifesized realistic statue museum figures

A budget conscious approach to a wax museum-style statue, fiberglass figures with resin heads and silicone hands

lifesized werewolf rubber hand sculptor
lifesized latex and resin werewolf head statue for sale
custom Frankenstein Bride statue for charity

GALLERY - Our entry for the official It's Alive! Bride of Frankenstein Charity project, seen at Monsterpalooza

wax figure of Lift Off logo Daredevil beer

GALLERY - Our lifsesized
"Flying Man" Disneyland style statue for Daredevil Brewing Company

Ponda Baba and Advozse alien masks rentals

GALERY - our Star Wars character masks and costumes on set for a Star Wars Toy commercial

red alien mask for rental

GALLERY - our alien mask and costume rentals used in a TBS promo for the new Samantha Bee show, Full Frontal

egypt, egyptian statue, scaled gift

A gag gift of monumental proportions! A client's friend sculpted as the Sphinx!

stephen colbert puget sound salmon tweaking

Sammy the Salmon, a latex hand puppet custom made on a short schedule for CBS televison's the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Watch the hilarious segment here on Youtube.