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Giant Hockey mask photo-op for the Ottawa Senators NHL team. We can create commercial sculpture in all styles and sizes!

A serene foam sculpture by Richard Riley - a "stone" wishing well, created completely from hard-coated carved foam!

Custom Sculpture - Theme Props and Characters


A quick, low-budget 5 foot long foam carved Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur head custom fabricated for a haunted attraction.

Richard Riley steps in the shot for some scale and a closer look at the details of his incredible custom work of art

Minotaur display for a mythology museum. A LARGE SCALE custom sculpted character

Dynamically posed lifesize Harpy. Large scale art, created for a mythology museum. Features hundreds of feathers

Another mythology project... lifesized Pegasus statue - featuring nearly 2000 hand-laid feathers!

A huge foam sculpture!  11 foot tall cemetery gate sculpt in a faux stone finish.  An incredible Halloween display!

We can custom create faux gravestones, markers & monuments.  This one's been finished to look like real stone

And a giant custom sculpted spider about to eat one of our artists!  (look out Richard!)

Spider swatter?  A giant hammer, custom fabricated theme prop in foam

Rich with one of his first large scale custom foam character sculptures! (personal project)

Giant Foam Hockey Helmet Ottowa Senators Goalie Mask theme prop for arena
Large foam sculpture of a wishing well, custom carved EPS with coating

Headless Horseman lifesized custom character display. Now available in the SHOP - custom versions available

have your logo "carved in stone" with one of our custom faux stone plaques (actually a hardcoated carved foam theme prop!)

A classic creature custom sculpture in foam by Richard.  Lifesized at over six feet tall!!

And the band played on!  A trio of custom foam character sculptures by Richard as a personal project for a home theater display

We accept private commissions to create highly unique sculptures, statues, life-sized characters and art for home theaters, businesses, trade shows, museums and more.

Based on your needs and interests, TSD can design and create busts, characters, props, signs and creatures, however large, for marketing, for your restaurant or bar, business, collection, museum, mall, store, office, themed or haunted attraction or home.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your project!

Our Artists have decades of

experience creating:

Themed Furniture,

Environments and Decor

Trade Show Booths

Expo Booths & Props

Props for Events, Parties

and Weddings

Logos & Licensed Characters

Photo Ops

Theme Props

and Large Foam Sculptures

Holiday Decor

Statues and Creatures

Lifesized Characters

even theming entire ROOMS

like Home Theaters and

Man Caves!

Want a LARGE SCALE prop, logo, statue or character for a trade show or business?

A themed environment or wall art for your home theater?

A three dimensional interpretation of your licensed character or logo?

A giant faux stone plaque with your corporate logo for your office, themed attraction or retail store?

A one of a kind store display to make your retail location stand out?

Or a unique holiday decoration for your home or office?

A lifesized historical figure statue for a museum, business, collection or home theater? 

Our Custom Sculpture work

is great for:

Trade Show Booths

Marketing Campaigns

Events, Parties or


Home Theater / Home Cinema Decor

Offices, Retail Stores, Malls

Restaurants and Bars

One of a kind art for your home

Theme Parks

and Themed or Haunted Attractions

Holiday Decor

Signs and Signage

We work from our studios on Long Island, New York, in many mediums including clay, latex, silicone, fiberglass, EPS foam and plaster.

We can bring your designs to life, or create custom elements and characters, designed just for you.

  We offer all types of finish work, from realistic human-like appearance with hand laid hair and life-like glass eyes to a bronze style bust or something more abstract.

We're also able to do VERY LARGE SCALE props, statues and characters through EPS (expanded polystyrene or "Styrofoam") foam carving and sculpture.

Using that method we can creating one of a kind works of art and theme props that are sure to impress and get attention!

Richard Riley poses at a booth created for Six Flags Over Georgia. The hard-coated foam sculpture has a steel frame to support the sign provided by the park

Skull table, Skull furniture carved foam theme prop and display for haunt at Six Flags
Mummy sarcophagus carved in foam, faux stone finish, themed prop

Another incredible foam sculpture by Rich Riley -

A realistic mummy's sarcophagus prop!

Killer Bees foam theme prop characters carved for Six Flags
Giant foam baseball bat theme prop for Six Flags

Giant Killer B's! Light hearted large foam sculpted characters by Rich Riley for Six Flags Over Georgia

Another coated foam theme prop sculpture for Six Flags ... this time a Giant Bat! (Six Flags was all about the pun that year!)

Large foam art cemetery gates haunt prop for outdoor display faux rock work
Lifesized statue Ymir Harryhausen stop motion figure
Sy Snootles, Max Rebo, Droopy McCool lifesized foam carved statues
Foam sculpture carved EPS obelisk graveyard prop for haunts
giant foam spider statue theme prop
Jabba Star Wars Return Jedi Foam sculpted creature character lifesized statue
Harpy Flying Witch Foam sculpted creature character lifesized statue
foam carved advertising plaque with faux rock logo
Minotaur Foam sculpted creature character lifesized statue
Minotaur Foam sculpted creature character lifesized statue
Foam and fiberglass T-Rex Dinosaur Tyranosaurus Rex haunt attraction sculpture
Large foam carved EPS hammer with faux metal paint finish
lifesized pegasus or unicorn horse prop
Lifesized headless horseman statue theme prop
photo-op foam themed prop skull throne horror

GALLERY - A giant custom trade show booth foam sculpture by Richard Riley.  Click to view a gallery of pics for this project!

styrofoam sculpture carved theme prop gargoyle

Giant foam Gargoyle theme prop. Looks like an aged, weathered stone sculpture without the weight!

Reddit alien lifesized statue knight of new

GALLERY - The official Reddit alien logo carved from foam as a life sized Knight of New character sculpture!

BTTF trade show foam carving sculpture exhibit prop

Back to the Future Clock Tower prop for a gaming trade show.  With faux bronze gargoyles and a clock stuck at 10:04 just like the film! Check this video for more

T-Rex head lifesized sculpture photo op trade show booth exhibit prop
Tyrannosaurus Rex Bust sculpture photo op trade show booth expo

This LIFE SIZED Jurassic Park T-Rex dinosaur head/bust photo op helped our client, IGT, stand out at the Global Gaming Expo!

Want to see more of this giant foam tyrannosaurus? Check out the Video Slideshow on our Youtube Channel

bridesmaids cookie scene prop from the movie

Another prop from the Global Gaming Expo - we recreated the giant cookie from the movie Bridesmaids!

Big Ben foam sculpture for party event

10 foot tall BIG BEN sculpture created as incredible decor for a London-themed New Years Eve event. The clock faces light up & keep time!

Trade show style foam sculpture statue head

Giant carved foam statue head prop for a stage production. This sculpture is realistically painted and weathered like aged stone and rock.

Statue of Liberty exhibit prop photo-op display for GovballNYC

GALLERY - a 20 foot tall bust of the Statue of Liberty carved from foam for the Governor's Ball Music Festival in NYC

foam tyrannosaurus rex photo op bust exhibit prop
foam tyrannosaurus rex photo op bust exhibit prop

We created this Jurassic World dinosaur photo op to tease the upcoming film at NBCUniversal's trade show booth at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

Richard Riley carved the life sized t-rex head from foam and we teamed with our friends at Creative Model Shop to fabricate the 9' long logo and metal base!

Polyurea spray hard coated styrofoam mountain exhibit prop

A trade show booth prop mountain made from foam and designed to fit a functional TV monitor and working amp and Ecoxgear waterproof speakers.

Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt foam prop

A pair of 11 foot tall hard coated EPS foam Cemetery Gate archways made for Kings Dominion theme park.

Raplh Lauren window display faux stone props
Raplh Lauren window display faux stone props

Our foam carved props as part of a lovely window display at the Greenwich, CT Ralph Lauren location.

The hard coated foam props were hand carved and painted to look like old stone.

NYC foam carved cave theming - EPS coated in Polyurea

Cave arch (shown upside down), stalactites & stalagmites. All hand carved in EPS foam for install at an NYC club

Rich poses with another hand carved foam Tyrannosaurus Rex, this time just 1/2 the head for wall mounting in a museum

Tyrannosaurus Rex for sale - foam museum exhibit prop
hard coated foam signage

A custom, 8 foot long foam prop sign made to look like a wooden shoe form for John Fluevog shoes. We did 3D computer design work on this as well.

Foam prop 8 foot tall cartoony Alice in Wonderland legs created for a corporate event. These are a mix of hard coated shoes and fabric covered socks/legs

foam party prop cartoon legs oversized
lifesize holiday nutcracker statues

Gallery - we created these five-foot-tall Star Wars inspired nutcracker statues for holiday store window decorations at PiQ in New York City

tim burton event prop headstone

Gallery - amazing themed foam event props for a New York City area Tim Burton themed Halloween party!