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Our unique work preserving and restoring important Hollywood artifacts from Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, Hellraiser, Jumanji, Dr. Who and many other films!

In-depth and behind the scenes looks at our restoration of the original, full-size werewolf from the film An American Werewolf in London and the original prop Jack Goodman Puppet.

A gallery dedicated to adorable Ewok masks we've assembled from original production-made materials from the movie Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. Includes lots of behind the scenes pics!

We've had the honor of working with a number of original screen used Star Wars movie props.  You'll find photos of those restoration and preservation projects in this gallery!

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Labyrinth movie prop puppet from Henson creature shop restoration and conservation

We've worked on quite a few Mogwai and Gremlins from the films Gremlins and Gremlins 2, the New Batch.  You'll find plenty of original prop puppet photos in this gallery!

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Our incredible restoration and display of an original Enik the Sleestak (or Altrusian, depending who you ask!) costume from the classic 70's  Krofft TV show, "Land of the Lost".

Our conservation, restoration and display projects for incredible film props and costumes from the classic Aliens franchise of films, including the 1979 classic that started it all, ALIEN!

From Nightmare Before Christmas to more obscure films, this gallery showcases our work restoring fragile original stop motion movie prop puppets

Land of the Lost Enik Sleestak Movie Costume Restoration
Alien Franchise original movie props and costumes restoration and preservation
Stop Motion and Tim Burton Movie Prop Puppet restoration and preservation

A gallery of pics of a complex project restoring and displaying an original foam latex movie costume from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie Prop Restoration, conservation and Display
An American Werewolf in London Movie Costume Conservation
An American Werewolf in London Movie Prop Puppet consdervation

Original movie costumes from Kubrick's classic films are exceedingly rare.  We restored and created a custom mannequin for this incredible creature suit crafted by Stuart Freeborn, creator of Yoda.

custom mannequin and movie prop restoration - 2001 Kubrick ape
Movie prop restoration and Star Wars Ewok Recreations
Gremlins and Mogwai Original Movie Prop Puppets
Original movie prop restoration collector services
Original Slimer Maquette from Ghost Busters

Conservation and display of numerous original Ghostbusters props and maquettes like Slimer shown at right, from the production of the 1984 comedy, Ghostbusters, along with a few sculptures as well.

Original Star Wars Movie Props Conservation, Preservation and Restoration
Dragon Slayer Dragon from Dragonslayer 1981 Disney Movie

An original life-sized prop head from the 1981 classic movie, Dragonslayer, which came to us for restoration and display services.

Our conservation and display of both the puppet and full creature costume versions of Fluffy, screen used props from the 1982 classic, Creepshow.

custom display for Fluffy from Creepshow

A large gallery from our work on Prop Store's Rick Baker Auction, including props, costumes, masks and puppets from from Men In Black, the Grinch, Batman Forever, Gremlins 2 and many, many more!

Foam latex movie prop puppet preservation for Rick Baker Auction