Original Star Trek movie costume displays. Spock & Kirk displays are customized mannequins, McCoy is a completely scratch-built form, tailored to the actor's thin build. 

A custom themed display base created for a client's Sideshow Star Wars R2-D2 & C-3PO statues.  Merging sculpture & display, this diorama captures the feel of the film, dramatically setting the scene!

A display created for the original Star Wars Snaggletooth costume. We custom created the head and hunch backed mannequin, adding reproduction boots and hands finish this incredibly rare display

Original Dark Nurse costume displayed on a customized mannequin that captures the "creepy/sexy" look from the film Silent Hill.  The heavily weathered base reinforces the eerie atmosphere.

"Red Pyramid" or "Pyramid Head" from Silent Hill. The left side pic shows what TSD received and the pic on the right is the completed display with our added elements.

The skirt was created with a leathery feel and heavily distressed to match the look seen in the film.  A base hidden beneath the skirt holds the top-heavy statue upright.

Custom Mannequins and Themed Movie Costume Displays


A "Miner" from Silent Hill.  We created a custom mannequin and themed base for the detailed, heavy costume as well as a realistic insert to give the appearance of bloody, terrified eyes beneath the mask.

Custom mannequin created to display a Lycan costume from Underworld 3, Rise of the Lycans.  With poseable arms and fingers, it stands over 7.5 feet tall!

A towering display for a client's repro AVP Predator costume. We created a faux stone base & custom posed mannequin to properly support the suit.  A speared alien head tops it off!

Custom seven foot tall display created for the massive Nemesis costume from Resident Evil: Apocalypse.  Strength & stability were the challenge, as the costume alone weighed nearly 100 lbs!

Our custom mannequins and themed displays are ideal for:

Movie props, masks, appliances & wardrobe

Halloween and cosplay

costume displays

Licensed movie costume displays

Historical & Military displays

Themed Attractions

Museum Displays

Home Theater Decor

We can custom create:

Custom Mannequins


Conservation Forms

Specialized Support for foam and latex creature costumes

Themed Display Bases


Dioramas or Backdrops

Likeness Heads - highly accurate, custom sculpted to compliment your film or historical costume displays. Visit the Custom Sculpture section for likeness work samples.

We create unique, made-to-order custom mannequins, body forms, torsos and stands to assist in the presentation and preservation of difficult to display items like original movie costumes and film wardrobe, licensed costumes, military and historical items, cosplay costumes and more.

Allow us to help make the pride and joy of your private or museum collection shine.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your project!

Capture the Moment...

Some of the best displays

are ones that capture

a moment from a film or movie poster.  The display becomes a lifesized representation of a classic, iconic image.  One that captures the "feel" of the film and brings it to life in your home, museum, office or home theater!

Let us capture your favorite film moment and create a truly one-of-a-kind display for you!

Custom mannequin for movie costume display Star Trek Kirk Spock McCoy
Custom mannequin for movie costume display Underworld Lycan statue
Nemesis Resident Evil movie costume display statue
Predator Custom mannequin statue for movie costume display with themed base
Custom mannequin for movie costume display Silent Hill Miner statue
Custom mannequin for movie costume display Silent Hill Nurse statue
Custom mannequin for movie costume display Silent Hill Red Pyramid statue
Custom mannequin for movie costume display Silent Hill Pyramid Head statue
Star Wars Custom Mannequin Movie Costume Snaggletooth display statue
Custom Themed Display Base C-3PO R2-D2 Statues Star Wars foam sculpture

A custom themed base and customized torso created to display an original kilt costume from the movie Braveheart.  The rocks are all coated-foam sculptures and painted extremely realistically

Braveheart themed Custom mannequin for movie costume display

Kate Beckinsale's slinky catsuit and jacket from Underworld Evolution - customized mannequin with themed base and plaque.

Click any of the below for larger images

Selene Underworld Evolution Kate Beckinsale Costume statue
Custom themed foam carved prop costume display

A simple display for a costume from The Ruins, a torso form enhanced with a faux stone and vine themed base and movie logo plaque.

Custom mannequin themed display for movie costume from Pan's Labyrinth

A costume from Pan's Labyrinth, complimented with this custom carved base evoking the feel of the film's poster and sets

Jeepers Creepers Lifesize Movie Prop Display

Themed display for an original prop body from Jeepers Creepers 2.  Richard Riley created this wood and faux metal "cross" to provide context and atmosphere.

Hellboy original movie costume Ron Perlman and screen used stunt mask

Original Hellboy costume & Ivan puppet. We created the custom mannequin, with sculpted eyes to complete the screen used stunt mask, the themed base and even Ivan's tattered shirt.

The Mummy 1999 Brendan Frasier Movie Costume and Mask statue

The mummy returns... an original costume from 1999's The Mummy.  We created a custom mannequin and faux stone themed base, finished the head and added hands and wraps to complete the look.

A creature suit from the movie Priest on a custom-fit mannequin and we even created lips and a mouth to receive the original teeth worn in the film. A themed base completes the display!

Foam latex creature suit for movies and film on custom display
Custom mannequin display for X-2 movie prop costume

"Lady Death Strike" costume from X2 - customized mannequin to properly fit the costume & themed base to recall the scene of her battle with Wolverine

Custom mannequin Warwick Davis Leprechaun Movie Costume

Original Warwick Davis Leprechaun costume on a museum style display.  Custom mannequin made to the proper unique body shape for the costume.

a good display can

make your collectible

more valuable!

Our New York studio has created custom displays for

movie props and costumes from your favorite films!

the Star Wars trilogies

Star Trek Original Series

films and movies

Star Trek the Next Generation

and beyond

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Batman Forever

Batman Begins

Donnie Darko

The Rocketeer

The Terminator Films

The Wolfman

The Invisible Man

Planet of the Apes

the classic films & 2001 remake

Underworld Evolution

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Thirteen Ghosts

Iron Man 2

X-Men 2


Lord of the Rings

Silent Hill




The Mummy

Jeepers Creepers 2

Hollow man


Pan's Labyrinth

The Black Hole

The Dark Crystal

The Laurel and Hardy Films

The X-Files


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Willy Wonka

and the Chocolate Factory

The Chronicles of Riddick

The Cat in the Hat

Pandorum original movie prop costume used in the film

An original mutant costume from the movie Pandorum, mounted on a custom mannequin including a realistic head sculpted Jon Fuller and painted by our artists

This lighted rock formation completes this diorama of Cerberus for a museum.  Both the display base and creature were created by Richard Riley

Custom lighted bases created to enhance the display of a private collector's replica Star Wars statues.

Custom foam carving, themed environments and decor
custom themed base for Star Wars movie costume display
Planet of the Apes custom mannequins, prop displays and statues
Wolfman Movie Costume, Lifesized wolfman statue
The Rocketeer original movie costume hero prop display and statue

GALLERY - custom mannequins and displays created for original costumes and props from the Planet of the Apes film series

GALLERY - custom mannequins and themed display created for an original Rocketeer costume

GALLERY - a life-like custom mannequin created for an original costume from the 2010 Wolfman remake!

13 Ghosts Movie Costumes Displays, statues and sculptures
Invisible Man custom mannequin original movie costume statue
Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Movie costume display statues

GALLERY - Terminated!! Amazing themed displays for original costumes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and others in the Terminator series

GALLERY - lifelike lifesize statues, highly unique displays created for original costumes from Thirteen Ghosts

GALLERY - a custom mannequin for an original FX costume from the classic horror film, The Invisible Man

GALLERY - click here to see our other gallery of MOVIE PROP DISPLAYS, including busts and themed and acrylic displays!

Themed Custom mannequin for Batman Costume

Val Kilmer batsuit worn in Batman Forever. Batcave themed base, custom mannequin with lifecast and added replica cape to complete the display.  We also performed some minor restoration on the suit.

Movie Prop Displays, custom acrylic, themed displays, busts

Completing Displays

Partial costumes can be completed with appropriate, authentic-looking replacements (such as masks, weapons or accessories) and brought together on a life-like

custom mannequin.

A themed base will complete the project, creating an impressive life-sized display that will enhance your collectible’s value and impact! 

custom mannequin for werewolf film wardrobe

Custom mannequin and themed base for an original Underworld series Lycan costume.  We also created custom feet and hands to complete the display

1976 King Kong Hand Chair Movie dress display

A truly TSD style display for Jessica Lange's original dress worn in the 1976 King Kong.  Giant foam hand was created to match the look of the movie's lifesize gorilla hand prop.

Licensed Batman Begins Motorcycle suit with Bat signal

Display for a client's UD Replicas amazing licensed Batman motorcycle suit features a lighted base & customized mannequin.

Jim Siedo male mannequin torso form, foam carved themed display
male mannequin torso form hanging framed display

Original costume for "The Cook" and Lefty's prop holster. Themed display base for these Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 original pieces.

Another TCM 2 original movie costume - Leatherface's coat and tie, on a custom form for inclusion in a wall mounted case.

The Next Generation, First Contact, screen used wardrobe

Star Trek the Next Generation Borg costume used in TV & film. Custom mannequin & sculpted head to complete this amazing figure (who got in his car and drove away when we were done!)

The Next Generation Episode The Emissary female mannequin

Another original Star Trek the Next Generation costume, Klingon K'ehleyr, on our customized mannequin with carved foam themed display base.

Tums chicken suit tv ad spot

A trio of custom mannequins made as displays for the TUMS parent company's corporate offices. The giant Meatball, Taco and Chicken suits were made by our friends at Alterian for TUMS commercials. We created the supports, bodies & themed bases, including a pair of giant carved foam TUMS tablets!

Gene Wilder costume from the Chocolate Factory 1971

Gene Wilder's original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory costume, professionally mounted on a custom mannequin with themed base.

Custom themed display for Tums commercial costume
carved foam prop Tums tablet and mannequin
Necro Armor Display Pitch Black - Chronicles of Riddick

Customized mannequin with themed lava-rock carved foam base for Necromonger armor from The Chronicles of Riddick.

Photo op for LG US Open event booth

Realistic celebrating tennis champ custom fiberglass mannequin photo op, made for LG's US Open event booth

Star Trek Nemesis, the Next Generation, Dress Uniform Costume Display

A custom sized mannequin for Data's uniform and wig from Star Trek, Nemesis. We also enhanced and painted the provided resin head and mounted it with the proper head tilt for the character

dynamic posed mannequin for retail display

Dynamic sports custom mannequin for a NYC shoe retailer store display for a shoe retailer in NYC. Don Bies and the WRA crew worked with us to create this!

customized mannequin body and acrylic case for movie costume

Customized mannequin and UV filtered display case for the original Frank the Bunny costume used in the movie Donnie Darko

museum figure for Brent Spiner original wardrobe

A museum style custom mannequin for Brent Spiner's "Data" costume from Star Trek the Next Generation, complete with themed metal laminate base

Life sized display for an original Fantastic Four movie costume worn by Michael Chiklis. We created a custom mannequin to support the suit, with padded legs and replica belt and pants. We sculpted in new eyes and applied the prosthetics to a lifecast as well.  The themed faux stone base is actually a coated carved foam.

Custom Mannequin for Michael Chiklis F4 movie costume
Custom Mannequin for Michael Chiklis F4 movie costume with carved stone base
Vinnie Jones Xmen The Last Stand foam latex muscle suit

We mimicked the scene where Kitty Pride sunk the Juggernaut into the floor with this themed display for Vinnie Jones' original foam latex muscles from the film

Men in Black alien costume display
MIB 2 headquarters alien foam latex mask and hands
MIB 2 headquarters alien custom mannequin

"Dog Poop Alien" one of the comical aliens from MIB 2. We received only the head & hands. We created eyes, a custom mannequin and even the costume to complete the lifesized statue of the character!

Mom, complete with her intergalactic MuMu, displayed on a custom white laminate base, inspired by the circular decor elements at MIB Headquarters in the film.

The Tourist Mom alien from Rick Baker's work on Men In Black 2. We received her arms, legs and head and were asked to create a body and costume for her.

custom statue of a snow stormtrooper
custom statue of a snow stormtrooper
custom statue zombie with glass eyes

A client's Snowtrooper costume from Star Wars, "zombified" and mounted on a custom mannequin in a dynamic pose with a themed base and even a Wampa arm!

The themed base has a flocking style snow added over our custom ice cave made from hard coated, hand carved foam.

We love putting little details like realistic weathering and glass eyes into our custom mannequin projects!

mike myers life sized costume display
mike myers life sized costume display
mike myers life sized costume display

An original Cat in the Hat costume and makeup test head, in for a custom mannequin made to match the padded suit Mike Myers wore in the film

Once the cowl was attached to the Rick Baker studio made Myers makeup test head, we hand-laid additional hair to complete it's look.

To complete the display, we created custom feet and a tall, and a base themed like the Seuss character's balancing ball.

custom mannequin for Mark Hamill costume from Star Wars with poncho
custom mannequin for Mark Hamill costume from Star Wars with poncho

A museum style custom mannequin for Mark Hamill's iconic Luke Skywalker costume from Star Wars, A New Hope (1977)

The mannequin is on a custom black laminate oval shaped basw with posts to raise the figure up, rather than adding replica boots.