Turn your movie costume into a life-sized statue!

We've created custom mannequins and themed displays for wardrobe from many of your favorite films.  You'll find museum style displays, themed bases and even lifelike statues that showcase original costumes worn in films.

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Display Services and Products

Custom work not in your project's budget? 

This section contains our currently available standard display items like Display Heads and Hands, Helmet Stands, Archival Garment Bags & Supplies and more!

styrofoam heads and flocked displays, retail mannequins and poseable hands

Our custom display work for movie props, masks, and other production memorabilia.  A wide range of our themed and acrylic prop display work is featured, including professional mask mounting and preservation forms.

Movie Prop and Costume displays, custom mannequins and statues
Custom display busts, mask displays, movie prop displays, themed displays