A themed facade, created from hard-coated hand-carved foam for a lightweight but realistic rock look.  This piece completes the "Tree of Death" prop display from the film 300

Custom acrylic display stand designed for a screen used prop mask from The Black Hole.  Provides the proper support  for this latex piece and looks great too!

Professional Movie Prop Display Services


We customized one of our Deluxe Display Heads (available in the SHOP) for this screen used Lord of the Rings Orc Mask. TSD also provided restoration services

Custom formed face support for foam latex Star Wars prosthetic with acrylic riser. A great way to display (and thus help preserve) your foam latex appliances!

Another example of a custom formed face display stand with an acrylic riser, shown here with a foam latex werewolf mask

Looking for a CUSTOM DISPLAY CASE for your movie props, masks and  collectibles? Click here for a custom acrylic case quote today!.

Our custom acrylic and themed displays are ideal for:

Movie props, masks, appliances & wardrobe

Halloween and cosplay

costume displays

Historical & Military displays

Museum Displays

Home Theater Decor

We can custom create:


Conservation Forms

Specialized Support for foam and latex creature costume pieces and movie masks

Display Heads, Stands &

Custom Busts

Themed Display Bases


Dioramas or Backdrops

Acrylic Display covers and custom cases for your collectibles

We create unique, made-to-order solutions like custom themed displays, busts and mask or hand mounting, acrylic cases and stands to assist in the presentation and preservation of difficult to display items like original movie props, costume elements or masks.

Allow us to help make the pride and joy of your private or museum collection shine.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your project!

Custom movie prop mask display acrylic for STAR from the Black Hole
movie prop mask vac form plastic face, display acrylic stand
Greedo Hands custom acrylic display case rare original movie props
Ewok face custom Star Wars movie prop display
Custom themed base foam sculpture for the Tree of the Dead from 300
Orc Lord of Rings movie prop mask display

Charlie Chaplin's original cane, displayed inside a client's vintage cabinet.  We used a rare photo of an elderly Chaplin holding the cane, fitted with custom acrylic supports.

Custom Display and Acrylic work for original Charlie Chaplin Cane
Wrath of Khan Movie Costume Themed display lifesized bust

Click any of the below for larger images

Ricardo Montalban's original wardrobe from the classic Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan, shown on a themed display by TSD....  KHAAAN!!!!!!! 

Hollow Man Kevin Bacon Silicone Movie Prop Mask Custom Display Bust

Kevin Bacon's signature mask from Hollow Man.   Our professional mounting services have improved how the mask displays and now supports the piece to help minimize gravity's effects over time.


An Iron Man 2 "Hammer Drone" display.  A collection of "exploded" parts from the film, made to look like they were crated and sent back to Tony Stark's lab.

a good display can

make your collectible

more valuable!

Our New York studio has created custom displays for

movie props and costumes from your favorite films!

The Star Wars films
(original and prequel trilogies)

Star Trek films

Star Trek the Next Generation

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Rocketeer

The Terminator Films

The Wolfman

The Invisible Man

Planet of the Apes

the classic films & 2001 remake

Underworld Evolution

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Thirteen Ghosts

Iron Man 2

X-Men 2


Lord of the Rings

Silent Hill




The Mummy

Fantastic Four

Rise of the Silver Surfer

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jurassic Park 2

Hollow man


Pan's Labyrinth

The Black Hole

The Dark Crystal

The Laurel and Hardy Films

The Thing from Another World

The X-Files


Pet Sematary

Addam's Family Values

Batman Returns


Point Break

True Romance

Mrs. Doubtfire

Sweeney Todd

Fright Night 1985

Aliens Vs. Predator

Batman Forever

Ollie Oliver Hardy Original Movie Prop Hat with custom acrylic display case

A conservation hat form with custom UV acrylic and wood display case for a very important hat, one of Ollie's from the classic Laurel and Hardy films.

Custom display for X-files alien movie prop mask and costume hands
Star Trek the Next Generation Movie Prop costume display
The Dark Crystal movie props Henson custom acrylic display case

We designed a custom acrylic display case and logo plaque for several small, but rare pieces from The Dark Crystal

Worf's forehead and nose appliances from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Professionally mounted and repaired

We created custom fitted hand & head forms to support this rare latex and foam mask and hands set from The X-files

Themed Prop Displays - Custom Busts and Mask Stands

Lifesized original Jabba the Hutt movie prop Return of the Jedi

GALLERY - we created a completely custom display form to support this original Jabba the Hutt prosthetic skin from Star Wars, Return of the Jedi

GALLERY - Who you gonna call?  A truly one of a kind 50/50 display for an original Stay Puft Marshmallow Man head armature from the movie Ghostbusters!

Our restoration experience was called on for this incredible display of production made makeup appliances from Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Special thanks to Will Forsche for

the Robin Williams lifefcast!

Robin Williams Doubtfire makeup display Ve Neill

Want to turn your costume into a themed life sized display statue? 

Visit our Custom Mannequins and Movie Costume Displays gallery

Movie costume displays and statues
dinosaur lifesized themed movie prop display Compsognathus

A very cool themed display for a lifesized "Compy" dinosaur movie prop from the Jurassic Park sequel, the Lost World

Ex Presidents masks from Patrick Swayze movie Point Break
Ex Presidents masks from Patrick Swayze movie Point Break

Classic "Ex Presidents" movie masks from the production of the Point Break with Patrick Swayze, professionally conserved and mounted by TSD

Custom acrylic risers complete the displays. Each mask has a custom 3-part insert to support the latex over time.

Tim Burton Danny DeVito Penguin with custom acrylic display case for batman collectibles

Original prosthetic hand and face appliances from Batman Returns, beautifully showcased on this custom themed base with acrylic display case

Stephen King prop puppet cat from Pet Cemetary
Scale model movie prop car
Cousin It's baby prop puppet with custom acrylic display case

Custom display for "Church" the cat puppet from Stephen King's Pet Sematary based on the famous sign from the film.

A unique themed display for a scaled movie prop car model from the film Dark City

Baby "What" (Cousin It's baby) from Addams Family Values, on a custom themed display base with acrylic cover.

Deep Space 9 Television Grand Nagus cane prop

Star Trek, Deep Space 9 Cane of the Grand Nagus. We patched & painted the unfinished television prop & created a themed base.

vintage latex Thing hand movie prop

The Thing From Another World, vintage hand archivally mounted & displayed on an incredible detailed, lighted themed base!

Freddy Krueger Boiler NOES movie prop
Freddy Krueger lifesized NOES movie prop

A pair of Nightmare on Elm Street displays, a supportive bust for an original Freddy mask and a themed base for his iconic hat!

Prosthetic Display Bust Robin Williams with custom acrylic display case

A second set of appliances from Mrs. Doubtfire, this time finished to an highly life-like level of realism for the ultimate Robin Williams display!

Episode III / 3 lightsaber movie props with custom acrylic display case for Star Wars collectibles
Johnny Depp movie prop display

One of the original "meat pies" from the Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter film, Sweeney Todd, in a nice themed display

Christian Slater original movie sunglasses and chairback

A detailed lava-flow display for two screen used lightsaber blades from Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith.  Complete with glowing "lava"!

An elegant and simple display for Christian Slater's original screen worn sunglasses and a production chairback from True Romance.

Ghostbusters original movie prop head Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Ghostbusters original movie prop mask Stay Puft Marshmallow Man display

GALLERY - another Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? See our custom themed base and hat created for this original movie prop from Ghostbusters!

George Clooney batman mask display

Custom, lighted bat-signal display base & custom-fit bust to support an original "Panther" cowl worn by George Clooney in Batman and Robin

Kathy Bates, James Caan leg break prop from Misery

Highly themed display for James Caan's prop leg from Misery, capturing the iconic leg-break scene with Kathy Bates

Prop claws worn by Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge

A neat little display with acrylic case cover (not shown) for Chris Sarandon's prop fingertips and claws from Fright Night, 1985

lifesize Michael Chiklis movie prop bust themed

Michael Chiklis "the Thing" appliances from Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer, applied to a lifecast with added glass eyes & screen used teeth

Brent Spiner Data Head and Lore finger prop
Deep Space Nine Prosthetic face for Rene auberjonois

Custom display case and supports for Data's head and Lore's finger props from Star Trek the Next Generation

Hanging display case, plaque and custom face form to support this Odo face appliance from Star Trek Deep Space Nine

jabba the hutt sail barge fabric piece movie prop
leatherface mask movie prop
aliens 1986 egg movie prop

A custom base, plaque and photo backdrop give context to this alien queen egg used in the "burn scene" of the movie Aliens

A themed base and backer create this custom display for an original Leatherface mask from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

A truly unique style of framing for a wonderful bit of Star Wars, Return of the Jedi memorabilia - a piece of Jabba's barge's sails.

1987 Dracula underskull spfx prop screen used in the film

the underskull of the screen used Dracula Bat from the film, Monster Squad! We created a themed pedestal and custom plaque to display this prop.

Linda Blair Regan MacNeil prosthetic prop

Linda Blair's original prop tongue prosthetic in a custom themed display! Complete with the classic "Pea Soup" splatter! This display case also has a custom clear acrylic cover.

foam latex batman makeup prosthetics
batman twoface custom lifesized bust
batman twoface custom lifesized bust
Alien vs. Predator celtic bio-helmet
Alien vs. Predator scar bio-helmet

A pair of themed, carved foam, faux stone display plaques for screen used Predator Helmets from Alien Vs. Predator.

Alien vs. Predator Grid Alien mask prop

A custom fabricated, themed display and support for a screen used 'grid alien' mask from Alien Vs. Predator.

Original Batman Forever Tommy Lee Jones, 'Two-Face' appliances, made by Rick Baker's Cinovation studio and here for a custom display.

The finished bust by Steve Richter. Tommy Lee Jones just walked off screen! Translucent resin, glass eyes, clothing and hand laid hair all add realism!